Psychic Denim Bangs from Jenni Lord on Vimeo.

Who is Psychic Denim Bangs? (mystical punk, a part of all women, one and two) Who is 2swords? (tarot card, time keeper, archetypal image, one and two)

Psychic Denim Bangs is an approximately 9 minute video. It was conceived, created, and recorded collaboratively with Anna Winter. The soundtrack was made by Noah Travis Phillips. The viewer follows Psychic Denim Bangs through an ecstatic journey. She performs ritual actions and collects ritual objects through-out the video. She asks questions, which come from an Ojibwa picture-song, “An Imploration for Clear Weather.” The other character is 2swords, an image from the tarot. These two are both played by Anna Winter and Jennifer Lord lending the video a Lynchian flavor. As in altered states of consciousness, time is twisted and experienced non-linearly.

This work explores archetypal forces: as characters, as action, as location. Psychic Denim Bangs highlights place and environment. My Taiji Sword practice is expressed through this video, though in an unconventional way. This work is mysterious and intentionally open ended. It is the first adventure in the saga of Psychic Denim Bangs. This version was edited by Jennifer Lord. Anna Winter will make another story, using the same footage, lending further to the doubling inherent in the piece.


Painting Book from Jenni Lord on Vimeo.


Hillside Storm, analog animation
valley 1280
Valley – Mountain – Valley, analog and digital animation
blue mountain 1 sm
Mountain Storm, digital animation