Artist Statement

Speculative Abstract Rainbow-scapes. A shimmering aesthetic.

What happens when a rainbow turns into a field of flowers?

Everywhere is a field of subjective multitudes. The accretion and variety of marks within my paintings coalesce to create an ecology. Flowers and landscapes yes, and marks, gestures, stains, colors and masking express the materiality of my work. There is representation and abstraction, gesture and description, everything is available.

I am primarily a painter, but I also work in ikebana, video, sumi, and installation. The central thread of my practice is an expression of livingness with the goal of decentering human hubris and recentering landscape and place.

I present emergence, simultaneity, relationship, and multi-directional flows.

Simultaneously looking at the tension between environmental destruction and ecological wholeness, my work is always on the side of nature’s doubtless awesome vitality, grounded in the majesty of mountains and the magic of rainbows.


Jennifer Lord is an artist and teacher. They received their Bachelor of Arts from Naropa University in Visual Arts and T’ai Chi Ch’uan. They study and teach T’ai Chi Ch’uan with Rocky Mountain T’ai Chi Ch’uan. They are a student of Sogetsu Ikebana with Kalapa Ikebana. Lord’s most recent events include, a solo exhibition at JuiceBox Gallery, a solo exhibition at Alto Gallery, a group show at Union Hall, and digital video collaboration with Noah Travis Phillips  published online by RealityBeach.org and exhibited at Sluice in London. They have a forthcoming collaboration with the MÚSED fashion house. They live, work, and teach in Boulder, Colorado. Their work is held in several private collections.

“Bigger View(s): Earth, Anthropocene, Beauty,” an exhibition curated by Lord and set to open March 27, 2020 is currently postponed due to COVID-19. A digital version of Bigger View(s) can be seen at: bit.ly/biggerviews .


email: juniperlord at gmail dot com